Humble Beginnings

The premium quality of Northern Californian cannabis is a cornerstone of what makes Rosin Tech Labs’ drops so special. Talk to anyone at Rosin Tech Labs and they’ll quickly bring up the importance of high quality starting material when making award-winning hash rosin. They make it no secret that they work closely with Californian cultivators growing in the most fertile area for premium flower… and only the best of that makes it into their presses for their next drop. Northern California’s cannabis is frequently regarded as the best in the world, a veritable Garden of Eden in which bud is the official flower. Working with Sours for source material has allowed Rosin Tech to get even more creative with their drops, providing a wealth of new strains to try with reliably impressive flavor profiles.

Perfecting The Art

From the beginning, the idea was always to make our own hash. So in 2018, we began the next phase in our hash journey. We started the licensing process and Rosin Tech Labs was born. We moved into our facility and began outfitting it with our award winning equipment. We love hash. We consume hash. The core principle has always been to make the type of high quality hash that we would smoke. We make hash for ourselves. We make hash for people who love smoking the best hash in the world.

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