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SHO vs BHO. Why is rosin more expensive than other concentrates?

When comparing SHO (solventless hash oil) to BHO (butane hash oil), SHO tends to be a higher priced product. The art of solventless hash-making requires more people and energy than the more mechanical method of BHO extractions. SHO typically yields less finished material, but typically a higher grade product. With a rising demand, SHO has become the industry standard for extraction products. (Less homogenized/tiered product)

What is the difference between the Black and Green boxes?

Rosin Tech Black gives you competition-grade hash. A collaboration with award winning small batch farmers that results in small batch hash yields of no more than 1,000g. Typically, RTL Black is released only once a year.

Rosin Tech Green gives you the same consistency and quality as our black box. The only difference is the overall yield of the strain. We do our best in sourcing some of the highest-yielding cultivars on the market. These SKUs will range in the 1500-2000 unit range with a higher chance of re-releasing throughout the year.

Fresh Pressed vs Cold Cure?

COLD CURE: This is when the ice water hash is prepped into micron bags squished inbetween two heated plates ranging from 140f-175f. Then distributed into grams in a cool room environment from the parchment into jars. This state gives off a translucent look, while also being shatter or taffy like consistency depends on resin stability.

FRESH PRESS: Once we gather our fresh press thats collected its inserted into a air tight mason jar. From there its placed in a dark room below room temperature averaging from 50f-65f. Over the course of time the rosin will start to look opue and develop a more solid look. In most cases it’ll push the terpenes toward the top of the jar and rest as a sappy layer. Then once its fully battered a rosin tool is used to mix the terpene fraction back in getting a soft batter consistency. 

SOLVENTLESS DIAMONDS: This process involves taking rosin thats cured into a batter consistency and filling 25u micron bags. Once you have you bags filled we introduce them to heat ranging from 100f-150f over the course of several hours causing the terpenes to split from the thc. Its important this process is completed slowly to not over heat the thc to quickly having it melt through the bags. While also making sure the pressure is only enough to keep your product warm. Youll see the terpenes start to drip down your parchment where they can be collected. After we take our terpene jar and close it and pull our 25u bags to grab our thc and other compounds to later melt down into what will later be our diamonds. Your remaining material will be white to tannish depending on how much it is dehydrated from the terpenes. This material is decarboxylated at higher temperatures until its melted clear. We form that in our parchment paper and snap off pieces and later reintroduce the terpene rich fraction to make solvent diamonds.

Is the Rosin Bar rechargeable?

Yes. Manufactured by AVD, “The Stem” is a brand-new all-in-one device from AVD that can be charged by micro USB. However, these disposable devices should rarely need to be recharged.

Hand Washed vs Machine

HAND-WASHED: Our core technique follows along the vein of traditional Hash-Makers. Washed by hand with canoe paddles, garbage buckets and Rosin Tech Products micron bags, our team tenderly rows and rinses material to prep bubble hash for the press.

MACHINE: Hashtek. When working with larger quantities and/or strains we have performed due diligence on, we utilize the Hashtek machine. Hashtek’s Micron catches: n play system allows us to maximize efficiency while maintaining quality. To learn more about Hashtek, click here.

Micron Catches


Is the Rosin Tech Reserve delivery service coming back?

Yes. Reserve will be reinstated before the end of this year. Join on our email list to stay up to date on our progress. We are building out our retail delivery offering to make it more efficient for our fans. 


If you are looking to pick up from one of our shops, take a look at our store locator. If you are a licensed dispensary looking to carry our products, please see the Contact Us page.

I want to join the team. Where can I apply?

The team is constantly growing and we are always looking for hardworking people to join the team. Send a cover letter and resume to

I’m in another state, can I buy your products?

Currently we are only licensed to produce and sell in California. We also have a dispensary opening in New Jersey and will be entering other markets in the future. Stay tuned!