Common Questions

Where do you source your material?

We source our fresh frozen from select cultivators throughout California. Our farm partners grow our genetics and harvest using techniques we continue to refine to ensure our trichomes stay intact. In recent months, we have done collaborations with Clout King and Sours. Stay tuned for continued collabs with our favorite cultivators and hash artists.

How do you make your hash?

Our entire process is free of chemicals – we start with organic, fresh frozen cannabis, and use water, heat and pressure to create a completely organic, solventless hash.

What is your return policy?

As per the BCC compliance we can not accept returns.

Where can I find your products?

You can order online or find a store near you.

When will I receive my delivery?

3-5 days (Servicing Statewide. Quicker service to major cities, delivery time frames dependent on your location)

How should I store my hash?

Ideally, you should store your hash at 40F to 45F.

What if I am not home to sign for my delivery?

You must be home to present your ID and to pay for your order.

Does my hash deliver cold?

Yes – we keep all hash and rosin under 45 degrees until it reaches your home

Can I cancel my order?

No, once an order is placed it will be delivered.

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