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At Rosin Tech Labs, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis extracts to fellow hash makers and cannabis enthusiasts. Our products are crafted with care using the latest and most advanced equipment we have designed over the last 7 years. As passionate hash makers ourselves, we understand the importance equipment plays in the process. Experience the difference that comes with a focus on quality.


At Rosin Tech Labs, we are committed to using the best quality equipment to create our premium cannabis extracts. That’s why we utilize the presses we built ourselves. Rosin Tech presses, an industry standard for solventless extraction, are known for innovative designs and exceptional build quality. 


Our rosin bags are made in Italy by a filtration company with 100+ years experience working with micron screens. Designed to withstand high pressure and high heat, our bags ensure that your extracts are free from contaminants, plant matter, and any other debris. With a range of sizes and micron ratings available, quality bags are a key piece to a successful solventless extraction operation.


The Rosin Tech cooling plate is an essential tool in our extraction process. This cooling plate allows us to quickly and efficiently cool our freshly extracted live rosin and other solventless extracts to ensure the preservation of terpenes, flavor, and potency.


Hashtek’s mission is to help hashmakers bring clean solventless to the masses by providing sanitary cannabis extraction equipment manufactured with 304-Stainless.
Hashtek specialize in sanitary design, CIP ready and GPP/EU-GMP/FDA/Health Canada compliant extraction equipment.


Elevate your solventless hash making game and unlock the secrets to exceptional quality. Visit our site today and explore our premium equipment selection to start producing top-notch hash like the pros.