Our Process

Genetic Selection

Our procurement team seeks out genetics with unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles. We work with premier, heritage farms that have proprietary strain lineages they have held onto closely for generations. Together, with our partner farms, we are constantly pushing the envelope and searching for new flavor profiles.

Test Washing

Once we have identified what looks like quality material, the next step is test washing. Test washing allows us to determine the strains suitability for ice water extraction prior to putting it into production. If a strains’ flavor, potency, and yield is up to our standards and it is viable for the commercial level, the final product must then pass our rigorous team taste testing. Then and only then will we move forward with production. We strive to ensure that our menu has a full-bodied mix of flavor profiles represented at all times. So, we are constantly testing and washing raw material and we are always on the hunt for new genetics.

Pressing & Collection

We press all our hash on Rosin Tech machines that were designed by our product development team and refined over the years as the industry and process evolves. We prefer manual operated press stations to ensure that the proper heat and pressure are applied at all times. These small batch methods make sure that all rosin is made with the appropriate pressure and heat.

Curing Methods

After we wash and press all material, the hash rosin then goes into airtight jars for curing. These jars are kept sealed and rotated for freshness and visibility. Our team keeps an eagle eye on the material, letting it sit at the proper temperature for that genetic. When the cold-cure is complete, rosin has reached the proper consistency to enter the final stage of our process: packaging.


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