Where To Find Us

Find our suite of solventless cannabis products near you with our interactive map.
We are proud to offer Rosin Tech Labs products at select retailers and dispensaries across the country.
Use our map to easily locate the nearest location carrying our exceptional live rosin, pre-rolls, and vape products.

If you are looking for a specific product, please check each dispensary’s Weedmaps menu for Rosin Tech Labs verified products.

Always call ahead to make sure the product you seek is still in stock.


Mainstage Broadway

Discover the next level of cannabis indulgence at Mainstage Broadway, where Rosin Tech Labs’ cutting-edge solventless products take center stage.
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NHC Morro Bay

Now proudly offering Rosin Tech Labs’ solventless products. Elevate your experience with the purity and quality of solventless extracts.
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Cake House

Embrace elevated experiences at Cake House in Encinitas, where the spotlight is on Rosin Tech Labs’ groundbreaking solventless products.
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