Lab Team

We harness the combined powers of water, heat and pressure to extract the highest levels of flavor and potency. We never use butane, alcohol or any unnatural solvents to create our concentrates. With these modern, solventless hash-making pillars guiding us, we strive to curate a Solventless Experience you’ll never forget.

Our Standards

Washed With Care

We pour all fresh frozen whole plant material into our wash buckets with extreme caution. Then, our team delicately washes all from harvest to consumption material to extract the whole plant essence of each cultivar.

Curated Micron Catch

We use sifters to separate out the finest trichome heads. We only select certain trichome heads, never allowing nefarious plante waste to enter our products. That means we only wash material in the 73u to 159u ranges. Anything below the 73u micron bag size will produce plant waste that is not fit for consumption.

Hand Rolled

An artisan experience at all levels, our batch-to-batch hand-rolled joints or Hash Holes are never identical. We find the best cured flower and thoughtfully pair each strain with our hash to create a unique experience with complimenting flavor and terpene profiles.

Our Lab

The Team

Hash is life. When our RTL team isn’t in the lab making hash, you can find us sharing our love of hash at events all over California. We are hash consumers, hash educators and hash believers. A passionate group of connoisseurs dedicated to elevating the art of solventless extraction. We put our hearts into all the solventless products we produce.